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PECERA Conference Organising Committee

PECERA Conference Organising Committee comprises: 

  • Associate Professor Sue Cherrington (Convenor)
  • Associate Professor Jenny Ritchie
  • Dr Judith Loveridge
  • Dr Mary Jane Shuker
  • Dr Mere Skerrett
  • Professor Carmen Dalli
  • Dr Maggie Haggerty
  • Dr Anita Mortlock
  • Dr Anna Strycharz-Banas
  • Dr Ali Glasgow
  • Dr Lisa Terreni

See below for biographies

Associate Professor Sue Cherrington (Convenor)

Sue is the Director of the Institute for Early Childhood Studies. Her over-arching research focus is on professional and pedagogical practices in ECE.

Associate Professor Jenny Ritchie

Jenny’s teaching, research, and writing has focused on supporting early childhood educators and teacher educators to enhance their praxis in terms of cultural, environmental and social justice issues.

Dr Judith Loveridge

Judith is particularly interested in the intersection between social and cultural processes and individuals’ learning and development. A related research interest is the question of how to appropriately and authentically involve children and young people in research.

Dr Mary Jane Shuker

Mary Jane’s teaching and research has focused on issues of diversity in early childhood settings, and young children’s literacy learning, primarily using qualitative methodology.

Dr Mere Skerrett

Mere’s research interests are primarily focused on Māori education, including equity issues as they relate to Māori as Tāngata Whenua, and Bilingual Education, particularly in relation to second language early childhood teaching methodologies and language development in young children.

Professor Carmen Dalli

Carmen’s research spans early childhood policy studies, professionalism in the early years, and under-three-year olds in early childhood settings.

Dr Maggie Haggerty

Maggie’s research focuses particularly on early years curriculum and assessment, and the use of video as a pedagogical tool for critical and multimodal analysis in early childhood services

Dr Anita Mortlock

Anita’s research has examined interactions between teachers and children at group times. She is currently engaged in research project investigating slow pedagogy and Steiner pedagogy.

Dr Anna Strycharz-Banas

Anna’s background is in sociolinguistics and she is interested in the way people in communities of practice develop common understanding of their linguistic repertoire. She has also been investigating the concept of belonging and how it is negotiated with the use of (non-)linguistic resources.

Dr Ali Glasgow

As a Pacific teacher and researcher, Ali seeks to advance Pacific education, foregrounding cultural and linguistic pedagogy and practice, and drawing on cultural community perspectives.

Dr Lisa Terreni

Lisa's research interests focus on exploring how visual art education can be used to enhance young children's thinking, communication and literacy skills. She also has a keen interest in social and cultural diversity and how teachers can meet the needs of diverse communities.

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