The 21st PECERA International Conference has been deferred until 2021, for information - please click here


For information pertaining to the Novel Coronavirus and the PECERA Conference - please click here

Sustainable Conference

The organisers of the PECERA 2020 Conference are making every effort to ensure the Conference is as environmentally sustainable as possible.


The Conference caterer was chosen as they had a very good sustainablity practice in relation to left over food. Where possible, left over food will be donated to the Wellington Soup Kitchen or to Kaibosh Food Rescue.

Use of plastic

Every effort will be employed to minimise the use of plastics at the Conference. If plastic is to be used, it will be recyclable.

Carbon Emissions

The organisers ask that if you are travelling to New Zealand or within New Zealand to attend the Conference, that you consider paying to offset your carbon emissions. To calculate and pay for flight emissions - please CLICK HERE for the calculator. 

If you are flying with Air New Zealand, they have a section within their online booking form whereby you can pay to offset emissions at the time of booking.

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